Frequently Asked Questions

My video won’t play. Why not?

If your video is choppy, our servers may be experiencing heavy traffic. Try pausing the video to allow it more time to load. If your video won’t load, you may have an incomplete version of the video stored in your browser’s cache. You can fix this by refreshing the page, or by clearing the cache within your browser’s settings.

How long are the videos?

The videos are very short – between 2 and 3 minutes each. And if you are interrupted while watching, don’t worry. Just hit the pause button and return to it when you are able.

Why do I have to take a quiz?

Why not? Each quiz is ‘open book’ and helps make sure you are ready for the next lesson. You can even see a summary of your quiz results to see how you did on each question.

What if I fail a quiz?

If you fail a quiz, you can review your answers and retake it as many times as you’d like.

Can I watch the videos and take the quizzes more than once?

Yes, you can work through each course as many times as you’d like.

Where can I find additional information about my coverage and benefits?

For questions related to your plan coverage and benefits, call the customer service number listed on your insurance card or contact your local HR representative.

What is the difference between playing a game and mastering a game?

You can play a game as many times as you want, but you have to score 100% to master it.

Why can’t I see any videos?

You might need to install or update your version of Adobe Flash Player. Healthcare University™ videos are hosted by a video-sharing website that requires Flash versions 10.0.0 or higher to view videos in older web browsers. To upgrade or install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, simply click one of the “Watch” buttons on the HCU dashboard to launch a video. Within this video window, you will see a link to install the Flash plugin. Click this link and you will be directed to the Adobe Flash Player installation website where you will be guided through a few quick installation steps. If you’d like to install the plug-in directly from the Adobe website, click here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

If you want to avoid the Adobe Flash installation altogether, you can launch Healthcare University™ in the latest version of Safari (6.0.4) or Google Chrome (28.0.1490).

Why can’t I play any games?

You might need to install a plug-in. Begin by checking your browser version. The games were created using HTML5, which is the newest HTML standard. Some older browsers are not HTML5-compatible, especially Internet Explorer browsers below version 9. If you are using Internet Explorer versions 7 or 8, you can get the games to work by downloading a plug-in called Google Chrome Frame. You will be asked to download this plug-in once you launch HCU in these browsers. Simply click the “Get Chrome Frame” button that appears in the pop-up notification, and you will be redirected to the Chrome Frame installation page. Follow the steps to install the plugin. If you’ve accidentally closed out of the pop-up window without installing the plugin, you can click here http://www.google.com/chromeframe?prefersystemlevel=true to install directly from the Google Chrome Frame website.

Which web browsers are compatible with Healthcare University videos and games?

  • Google Chrome- Version 7 and up
  • Safari- Version 5.1.8 and up
  • Internet Explorer- Version 9 and up, Version 7 & 8 with the Google Chrome Frame plugin
  • Firefox – Version 7 and up with Adobe Flash Player version 10.0.0 and up
  • iPhone/iPad (iOS)- Version 6.0.1 and up
  • Android- Version 4.0 and up

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